Field Exploration Completed

Field exploration under the Contract with National Mining Company Tau-Ken Samruk for prospecting operations in titanium magnetite ores deposit Western Sayak at Karaganda oblast completed in December 2013.

Magnetic, geochemical and geological surveys were carried out and 9 wells with total lengths of 1831 linear meter were drilled.

All the operations were carried out by geologists from KazGeology JSC including geological mapping, support to mine footage and drilling operations and trenches and cores documenting broken down by wells.

2 km long titanium magnetite ores outcropping with 2–10 meter thickness was identified during geological exploration.

Historic mine-works including pits and trenches excavated in 1960 were identified in Western Sayak.

Laboratory analysis of all collected cores and computer processing of field materials are in process. It is planned that the operations will be generally completed in 2014 with the assessment of the block prospects and further operations project development.

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