The International EITI Board meeting in Bern, Switzerland

The Chairman of the Committee of Geology and Subsoil Use Nurabaev Bazarabay Kanaevich, a member of the Committee for the authorization of the International EITI Board, these days takes part in the next Board meeting in Bern, Switzerland. The meeting will be held for two days, from October 21 to October 22.

The Board is the supreme coordinating body in the EITI, organizing regular meetings of its members to discuss the implementation of the EITI policy, recommending, approving regulations and improving the EITI Standard.

The current members of the EITI Board was formed in May 2013, and it consists of 20 members representing the implementing countries, the supporting countries, the civil societies, the companies-industry representatives, as well as the investment companies.

The key issues for consideration at the current meeting in Bern are the problems in the implementing the EITI by the countries; the positive changes in the systems of governance in the countries involved in the EITI; the influence of internal and inter-political processes on the implementation the EITI in the countries; the activity of the civil sector in the EITI.

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