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Kazakhstan Natural Resources

Kazakhstan has over 90 kinds of natural resources, thanks to a very favorable geographical position of the country that translates into a very diverse geological composition, offering geological materials with a long period of formation, from the ancient Archaean deposits to recent quaternary deposits.

According to the results of the geological and economic assessment of the available mineral reserves of Kazakhstan, the most economically significant resources are coal, oil, copper, iron, lead, zinc, chromites, gold, manganese.

The geologically diverse land offers the following pattern of primary resource nodes:

  • Northern Kazakhstan serves as the primary resource supplier for the aluminum and gold production, as well as the primary iron ore region of the country.
  • Eastern Kazakhstan is the main region for the polymetallic ore mining.
  • Central Kazakhstan is the primary copper and manganese supplier of the Republic.
  • Southern Kazakhstan contains a unique uranium mining infrastructure involving high-tech underground leeching; the region also provides phosphate materials.
  • Western Kazakhstan offers a large supply of oil and natural gas resources, potassium and boron salts, as well as high-quality chromites.
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