Oil and gas engineering

Graduates majoring in 050708 «Oil and gas engineering» are awarded with a bachelor’s degree in oil and gas engineering.

Qualifications and positions are defined as per the «Catalog of positions of chiefs, specialists and other staff members», approved by the order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, dated November 22, 2002, No. 273 — P.

Graduates majoring in 050708 «Oil and gas engineering» can apply for the following positions:

  • assistant drill runner, drill runner, foreman;
  • operator in oil and gas production;
  • operator at well surveying;
  • operator at the rock formation pressure maintenance shop;
  • operator at the preparation and pumping of oil shop;
  • lab worker at primary facilities;
  • operator at the research department;
  • subforeman for subterranean and capital repairs of the oil wells;
  • supervisor in oil and gas production;
  • supervisor (shopfloor chief) at a shop of rock formation perssure;
  • supervisor (machine operator) at the oil preparation and pumping shop;
  • technologist, engineer, specialist of the design office, design institute;
  • lab worker, technologist, engineer, junior research worker at a research institute, etc.