Rare metals

Kazakhstan is a major rare metal source. The land holds sizeable amounts of tungsten and molybdenum. There are prospects of establishing own mineral portfolio of tantalum, niobium, rare earths. Compound mineral deposits are valued for not only their primary components, but a large number of rare and dispersed elements, accompanied mining of which is possible through complex ore processing.

Kazakhstan’s most valued prospects are tungsten-molybdenum deposits that have long been undeveloped due to low quality of the ore. In light of the recent increase in market price of tungsten-molybdenum products, there have been more investments into the rare metal deposit development. Currently the bulk of the tungsten-molybdenum ores are being developed, including the largest deposits of Verkhneye Karakty, Boguty, Karaoba and Koktenkol that make up 2/3 of the in-place rare metal reserves of the nation.

Today, Kazakhstan’s own demand for these minerals are very small. This is why the primary objective set before the development of inactive tungsten and molybdenum deposits consists in finding the outlet market for the metals and their concentrates. Provided that strategic long-term partners can be found, Kazakhstan is fully capable of establishing a cost-efficient production of tungsten and molybdenum under existing world market prices.